Website-Specific Questions

Can I take a copy of the photos or other images from your site for my own use?

No. All of the content is copyrighted and we do not allow the use of our logo. If you have a special reason for your request some rare exceptions are granted. send us an email explaining your request.

Does it matter what type or version of browser I use to access the UP Web site?

The UP website tests and ensures accurate access only by browsers listed on our "Browser Information" page. Browser versions not listed are not tested for and may not function properly on this website.

Can I link my Web page to your site? Will you add a link to my website from yours?

You may feel free to link to any of the pages on our site (you may not, however, use any of the images on our site without explicit permission). If you wish us to link to your site, please send us a request describing its content and relevance to UP. We generally link only to very specific railroad business-related sites.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you are a customer needing assistance to manage your shipments, contact our customer service Help Desk at 1-800-872-1045.

If you are a supplier or contractor providing products or services to UP, call 1-877-243-1356.

If you are applying for a job with UP, you can reset your password online.

Can I access your TCS system from my Web browser?

No, although we are building some application-specific interfaces to TCS. The equipment trace applications, for example, use TCS.

I submitted my registration to trace equipment yesterday, and today it isn't working. Why not?

It can take up to five business days to get your registration processed. This is necessary to ensure that applicants actually are employees of the company listed on their application.