Union Pacific Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs are strategically aligned to support our diversity and inclusion strategy by partnering with leadership to achieve business objectives and also by raising awareness and providing an environment where all employees can realize their potential.

Value of ERG's

  • Cultural Awareness and Inclusion. Learn from and about others through monthly heritage and pride celebrations. Promote a more inclusive workplace.
  • Impacting Business Objectives. Directly affect change management, help Union Pacific be the employer of choice and be even more effective in attracting, onboarding, development, engagement and retention of our diverse workforce.
  • Improving Creativity and Innovation. Diverse teams are more creative when managed effectively.
  • Enhancing Performance. ERGs fuel a high-performance work environment as they offer professional development, expanded networks, build cross-functional knowledge and allowing a much faster pace of accomplishing tasks.
  • Building Relationships. Expand your network as you'll interface with employees at varying levels of the organizations and a variety of departments. Gain exposure to senior leadership.
  • Fostering Professional Development. Assume an ERG Officer role, chair a committee, plan an event, manage finances - you'll gain or enhance skills as well as functional and organizational knowledge. Our ERGs also offer programming which delivers professional development. (Conferences, workshops, mentoring, and business updates)
  • Community Involvement. Make a difference and directly impact our community through volunteerism and community outreach initiatives.


3,500+ Employees

Are members of an ERG

2,000+ Employees

Are members of one or more ERGs

100% Executives

Participate in ERGs


9 Union Pacific ERG's | 9 Executive Sponsors | 35+ Officers

AERO Banner
Asian Employee Resource Organization
Executive Sponsor: VP LOUP
  • We started the Asian Employee Resource Organization in 2012 with a mission to recruit, retain and advance Asian employees to positions inside our organization. We also hope to build awareness and engagement around the rich and diverse Asian culture within the company as well as the community.
BEN New Logo External
Black Employee Network
Executive Sponsor: EVP Operations
  • With over 800 members, the mission of BEN is to increase the recruitment, retention and advancement of African-American employees within Union Pacific, by promoting and facilitating personal and professional growth, and working with UP senior leadership on diversity issues. BEN also provides scholarships, encourages post-secondary education for high school graduates, and supports local African-American communities.
Bridges Logo
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Employee Network
Executive Sponsor: SVP Marketing & Sales
  • Established in 2013, BRIDGES works to attract, retain and develop the careers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees at Union Pacific. The vision is to foster inclusion and acceptance of employees who identify as LGBT, as well as allies. BRIDGES events, networking, and education initiatives increase awareness and understanding regarding LGBT issues. Through training, coaching, and mentoring BRIDGES develops employees and creates leaders.
Council of Native American Heritage
Executive Sponsor: SVP Marketing & Sales
  • Beginning in 2006, a group of employees with Native American heritage or an interest in the Native American culture, came together to celebrate the history and contributions of the people indigenous to North America. In 2006, they became the railroad's fifth Employee Resource Group (ERG). CONAH's mission is to assist Union Pacific with the recruitment, retention and development of employees with Native American heritage and to build bridges to the Native American community. CONAH plans programming in celebration of their heritage to coincide with the national dates of celebration (November), and has built bridges with local and state entities who have special initiatives addressing the needs and concerns of the Native American people.
Educate. Advocate. Support. Encourage.
Executive Sponsor: EVP, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Established in 2019, the EASE mission is to bring awareness and support to employees impacted by disability. EASE will Educate by developing a community of employees impacted by disability. Advocate by focusing on our recruitment and retention of individuals impacted by disability. Support through facilitating awareness and understanding. And Encourage through integration of employees into the corporate culture.
LEAD Banner 2.15.24
A Women's Initiative: Lead. Educate. Advocate. Develop.
Executive Sponsor: EVP & Chief Financial Officer
  • The LEAD Mission is to foster an environment that increases opportunities for women to be recruited, retained and advanced as Union Pacific leaders; to make a difference through professional programming, personal development, mentoring and community involvement." Ensuring professional developmental opportunities are available to women, throughout the year LEAD members plan other educational programs on job performance, investments, environmental stewardship and networking.
LEN Logo
Latino Employee Network
Executive Sponsor: EVP Marketing & Sales
  • The Latino Employee Network was established to serve as a liaison with management to promote a better understanding of the issues and concerns among Latino employees. Similar to other culturally defined Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), LEN also endeavors to ensure the full integration of Latinos into the workplace through partnering with the company on recruitment, development and retention initiatives. LEN also has established strong partnerships with Omaha's Hispanic community through its many social and cultural projects. Founded in 2004, LEN now has over ten fully functioning field chapters including Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago.
UP Ties Updated Banner
Connecting and Developing Young Professionals.
Executive Sponsor: SVP & Chief Information Officer
  • This ERG works with the company to ensure that Union Pacific connects, develops, and empowers young professionals. This effort is seen as critical to the future success of the railroad. Membership in UP Ties promotes understanding of the railroad, heightens inter-departmental knowledge and networks, develops members professionally and personally, and engages in philanthropic activities.
UP Vets Banner
Veterans and Employees Continuing to Serve
Executive Sponsor: Chief Accounting, Risk and Compliance Officer
  • At Union Pacific, we have an active military-support initiative for both deployed and returning-to- work employees called UPVETS, designed to help attract, develop and retain veteran employees. For our efforts, Union Pacific has been recognized by the G.I. Jobs’ 2018-19 Military Friendly Employers list.


Business Resource Groups

Planet Tracks Banner
Planet Tracks
Saving the Planet One Mile-Post at a Time
Executive Sponsor: VP Labor Relations & Sustainability 
  • The Planet Tracks mission is to improve business performance while fostering workforce engagement and personal awareness driven by initiatives that inspire sustainable focus and innovation throughout the organization.