Types of Trains

DPU – Stands for Distributed Power Unit, a locomotive set capable of remote-control operation in conjunction with locomotive units at the train's head end. DPUs are placed in the middle or at the rear of heavy trains (such as coal, grain, soda ash and even manifest) to help climb steep grades, particularly in the West.

Manifest – Train made up of mixed rail cars (box cars, tank cars, piggyback cars, etc.).

Bulk – Train made up of a single "bulk" commodity (other than coal) and car type. Bulk commodities include grain, soda ash and ore.

Run-through – Train that generally is not scheduled to add (pick up) or reduce (set out) rail cars enroute.

Humpers – Trains destined to a "hump" yard. Hump yards are where rail cars are pushed up a hill (hump), uncoupled, and then rolled downhill into remotely controlled sorting tracks. Hump operations are the railroad's most efficient sorting operations, and the North Platte Terminal is UP's biggest hump yard.

Hot Shot – Train with very high priority compared to other trains. Other than passenger trains, UP hot shots are intermodal trains that maintain the most expeditious schedules.