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Union Pacific is dedicated in being a leader in the transportation industry for service, customer experience and innovation. Our APIs deliver a seamless digital experience, providing you direct access to supply chain data.

Real time access to data

Connecting multiple IT systems

Automate manual work

Expand shipment visibility

API Case Details

Manage Shipment Pipeline

Gain visibility to your inbound and outbound rail shipments. Integrating with the Shipment API provides real-time information on your shipment’s location and ETAs. Use this service to build dashboards, apps and reports.

Take Action

Automate and streamline work by integrating with our Action API. Complete actions such as, release equipment, order-in rail cars or create intermodal terminal reservations.

Find Shipment Exceptions

Things are always moving in the logistics world and you need to be agile to maintain a resilient supply chain. Our Cases API can tell you when shipments are off course and may require your attention.

Third-Party Providers

Third-party providers help Union Pacific customers manage their supply chains and APIs can make it easier for third-party providers to do that job. Third-parties must have an active Letter of Authority with Union Pacific and agree to Union Pacific rates and terms. Third-party management will be performed by PS Technology. Please reach out directly for more details.

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We have a variety of tools to help your integration. To learn more about what may be right for your business, email an Integration Consultant now.

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