Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Customers

EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange between two companies of standard business documents in electronic format. EDI replaces the paper document with a transfer from one computer to another of electronic data, and is the preferred method for processing shipping instructions (bill of lading). 

Effective November 12, 2018, the rail industry is upgrading to EDI Rail version 07050. The following EDI transaction sets, that you may currently be receiving from Union Pacific as an inbound message, will be upgraded. 

EDI 417 & 418

417 - Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange
418 - Rail Advance Interchange Report

The most visible change will be to the ISA12 and GS08 where the version will be indicated as 00705 and 007050 respectively. If you are able to read the current messages there is no change to the segments.

EDI 404

EDI 404 - Shipping Instructions (Bill of Lading)

The following changes will be made:

  • Hazardous Emergency Response Contract Number - Per the EDI standards, in compliance with requirements in 49 CFR part 172.201(D), when the telephone number shown in the PER04 belongs to an emergency response information telephone number service provider, the PER02 MUST contain the entity (offerer) identified by name or contract number that has the contractual agreement with the service provider.

    The PER02 must contain a valid entity identified by name or contract reference; do not pass filler text (i.e. ‘Not Shown’, ‘None Shown’ or ‘Unknown), ‘spaces’ / ‘null’ value, or the name of any emergency response information telephone number service provider (examples including but not limited to Chemtrec, InfoTrac, Canutec, Chemtel, etc.) in the PER02 field or on MyUPRR Bill of Lading Hazardous Material details page. When identified by contract number a PREFIX such as "CONTRACT:" or "CONT:" MUST be shown preceding the contract number. Please see examples below for proper formatting.

    Beginning November 12, 2018, all EDI 404 rail billing instructions transmitted to Union Pacific with only a contract number without a preceding identifier such as "CONTRACT:" or  "CONT:" in the PER02 field within the hazardous loop will be rejected or generate an error that could cause a delay in your shipment.

    Acceptable EDI Examples:

    PER*HM*CONTRACT: 1234*TE*1-234-567-8900
    PER*HM*CONT: 1234*TE*1234567890
    PER*HM*ACME CHEMICAL*TE*1234567890 
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Format Number Change - To conform to the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods requirements, the new Emergency Response Plan Number has been changed to 2-nnnn OR 2-nnnn-nnn. This information will be passed in the LH401 field. Telephone number to activate the plan is sent in LH402. 
  • Date/Time Reference - When supplying a ‘Requested for Delivery’ (DTM01 = “074”) you must also provide an “Estimated Delivery” (DTM01 = ‘017’).

For assistance with B2B - EDI (Electronic Rail Bill Messaging), please contact our eBusiness Support Team at 800-872-1045.