Letter of Authority

Third-Party Access

If you utilize a third-party logistics or technology company to manage your rail shipments and they are not a party to the waybill, we require these companies to have an updated Letter of Authority from your company (Authorizing Company) on file with Union Pacific. The Letter of Authority gives Union Pacific permission to allow another party access to your data. These letters need to be renewed annually.

All third-party logistics and technology companies should be aware of the renewal process. A Letter of Authority is required for CLMs, 417s, 322s, 622s, Web access, and access to data by phone via our National Customer Service Center. A sample Letter of Authority can be found below. Please work with your third-party partners to ensure that we have a current Letter of Authority on file.

Third-party companies named in these authorizations may only use proprietary information provided by Union Pacific Railroad until the expiration date of the Letter of Authority (LOA) and only for purposes for the benefit of the Authorizing Company named in the LOA. Third-party companies shall make no other use thereof, nor derive any other commercial benefit by sharing this data with other companies not named on this authorization.

Sharing Transit Information with Your Customers

We are aware that some companies receive information from transportation companies and make it available to their customers electronically. If you haven’t already done so, we urge you to review your methods for sharing transit information with your customers to ensure the highest level of security is in place.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 1-800-872-1045.

We appreciate your cooperation in working with us to ensure that sensitive shipment information remains secure. Union Pacific will continue to work to minimize any impact on our customers as we comply with our nation’s security requirements.

Sample Letter of Authority

A Letter of Authority, using the sample outlined below can be submitted by the "Authorizing Company" by email or by fax on their company letterhead to the Data Security Team:

  • Fax: 877-281-0910
  • Email: datasecurity@up.com (The "Authorizing Party" company name must be included in the email's domain name.)


Data Security Team
Union Pacific Railroad
1400 Douglas Street - STOP 1410
Omaha, NE 68179

This is to advise that (ABC COMPANY) authorizes (JOHN DOE), User ID (XABC123), (3RD PARTY COMPANY), to conduct the following transactions on our behalf. (Please check those that apply.)

_______Order Cars
_______Tender Bill of Lading Instructions

Electronic Messaging:

_______Receive CLMs (Car Location Messages)
_______Receive 417s (Rail Waybill)
_______Receive 322/622s (Intermodal Tracing Events)

This authorization is valid for one year from the date of the authorization letter.


BOB JONES (Contact Name)
GROUP MANAGER (Contact Title)
ABC COMPANY (Authorizing Company Name)
GOTHEN, OR 99999 (Company Address)
(444) 532-5555 (Contact Phone)
bjones@abccompany.com (Contact email Address)