Coal SPRB Mileage - HDF Fuel Surcharge Table

In the event the average price of Retail On-Highway Diesel Fuel (as set forth below, the "HDF Average Price"), calculated monthly based on prices reported on the U.S. Department of Energy Website ( equals or exceeds $1.35 per gallon, UP will add a mileage-based fuel surcharge to freight charges referencing or subject to this authority. The fuel surcharge shall be applied for each shipment having a bill of lading dated on or after the 1st day of the second calendar month following the calendar month of a given HDF Average Price (e.g., a fuel surcharge applied beginning July 1 would be based on May's HDF Average Price).

The HDF Average Price for a given calendar month will be determined by adding the weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Fuel prices reported on the U.S. Department of Energy Website (, and dividing the result by the number of weeks so reported. The result will be rounded to the nearest tenth of a cent. If the Department of Energy ceases reporting of the price of Retail On-Highway Diesel Fuel, UP will employ a suitable substitute source of price or measure. Schedule reflects the applicable fuel surcharges within the HDF Average Price ranges noted in the table below.

HDF Average Price
(Per Gallon)
Fuel Surcharge
(Cents Per Mile Per Car)
$0.00 to $1.349$0.00
$1.35 to $1.409$0.02
$1.41 to $1.469$0.03
$1.47 to $1.529$0.04
$1.53 to $1.589$0.05
$1.59 to $1.649$0.06
$1.65 to $1.709$0.07
$1.71 to $1.769$0.08
$1.77 to $1.829$0.09
$1.83 to $1.889$0.10
$1.89 to $1.949$0.11
$1.95 to $2.009$0.12
$2.01 to $2.069$0.13
$2.07 to $2.129$0.14
$2.13 to $2.189$0.15
$2.19 to $2.249$0.16
$2.25 to $2.309$0.17
$2.31 to $2.369$0.18
$2.37 to $2.429$0.19
$2.43 to $2.489$0.20
$2.49 to $2.549$0.21
$2.55 to $2.609$0.22
$2.61 to $2.669$0.23
$2.67 to $2.729$0.24
$2.73 to $2.789$0.25
$2.79 to $2.849$0.26
$2.85 to $2.909$0.27
$2.91 to $2.969$0.28
$2.97 to $3.029$0.29
$3.03 to $3.089$0.30
Each $0.06 per gallon increase thereafterAdditional 1 cent per mile

PC*Miler Rail Product will be used to calculate mileage. If interline price routing is involved, mileages will be calculated via the revenue route junction(s) of the price used to rate the shipment.

In no case will freight charge(s) be reduced below the Base Freight Charge(s) as a result of the application of this item, nor will application or removal of the fuel surcharge be retroactive.