Wind Components

The smartest way to ship wind turbine components is also the greenest land transportation mode.

Union Pacific Railroad and Loup are committed to being the transportation providers of choice in the wind energy market. We offer comprehensive transportation solutions for wind component shipments, including towers, nacelles, hubs and blades to destinations around the United States.

The Green Transportation Choice

As it is, shipping by rail is inherently safer, greener and less expensive than shipping by truck. With our 32,000 miles of track and in-house logistics services, we are committed to the wind industry like no one else. Engineering new cars and equipment. Enhancing track. Even building distribution centers, wherever they are needed. We offer wind customers unparalleled efficiency with one contact, one rate, and door-to-door shipping and monitoring.

Comprehensive, Door-to-Door Solutions

Serving strategically located wind distribution centers throughout the United States, our knowledge, experience and reach provide wind customers with the most competitive:

  • Engineered Solutions
  • Equipment Supply
  • Logistics Management
  • Transit Times
  • Distribution Network

Union Pacific's wind turbine shipping capabilities are not limited to our extensive system map. Our subsidiary, Loup, provides complete logistical support. We will coordinate your shipment through our network, through other railroads and over the road, providing complete door-to-door service.

Distribution Center Management Process

To ensure a smooth transition from rail car to motor carrier for final delivery, Union Pacific and Loup utilize an efficient chain-of-custody process. The distribution center management process provides:

  • Coordination of inbound trains
  • Rigging and storage
  • Focus on successful project implementation
  • Project cost control
  • Management and visibility of materials on- and off-rail
  • Coordination of job site delivery schedules
  • Inventory and delivery reports
  • Site preparation to meet customer specifications
  • Shipping device management

Get Started

Our team is experienced in working with wind customers to provide customized, comprehensive solutions to meet their unique requirements. To get started, answer a few questions and we'll connect you with an expert on our Wind Team.