AAR Embargo System

The Association of American Railroads embargo system offers improved search capabilities, the ability to subscribe to new embargo announcements and the ability to receive these announcements via e-mail. While the search capabilities are open to the public, if you want to utilize the subscription services, you will need to register for a Railinc User ID.

This system was enhanced to improve processes on rail equipment billed to embargoed destinations where a permit system is warranted, managing shipper requests for permit numbers and allowing acceptance of electronic billing that has a valid embargo and permit number. Billing will be automatically rejected by Railinc on shipments that are billed to an embargoed location (or) that do not have a valid permit number. In this case, the origin roadhaul railroad will receive an error back from Railinc and place the rail equipment in a hold for embargo.

To comply with these requirements, if a shipment is moving to an embargoed location that is accepting permits, you will need:

  • A valid permit number (the procedure for obtaining permits will be detailed on the embargo).
  • To enter the embargo and permit numbers on your electronic billing in the N9*EB and N9*EN fields. If you are unable to enter these numbers into your bill of lading, you can add these numbers using Correct a Bill of Lading on UP's Web site before the rail car is pulled from your industry.

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