Churchill Hazen Industrial Park
Hazen, Nevada - Churchill County

Site zoned for industrial and planned unit development with three access points off of US 50A. The site can support unit train or heavy manifest service with a connection to Union Pacific Railroad main line located approximately 200 feet north of the site.


Site Summary

  • Access US 80 within 15 miles from US 50A.
  • One day trucking distance to 60 million consumers and two days to 11 states.
  • Port of Oakland is within five hours driving distance.
  • Well-suited for manufacturing and distribution industrial development.
  • Significant state and county tax and other incentives available.

Rail Highlights

  • Union Pacific Railroad is located several hundred feet north of the site and bisects two of the available properties for ready rail access.
  • Potential for over 10,000 feet of track development on the property.
  • Approved Union Pacific Railroad Development Concept for new rail service.

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Paul Marcinko
Regional Manager
Union Pacific
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