Industry Approved Design Consultants and Material Vendors

Plan Submission Requirements for Design Consultants
All track design, including all grading and other civil work related to the track components, must be prepared by one of the following design firms, each of which has been approved by Union Pacific. Non-track related facilities design can be designed at industry’s discretion.

In the alternative, if Industry’s plans for the track design have been prepared by a design firm not included on the following list, then Industry must have a design firm from the following list review and confirm the plans for the track design prior to the reviewer submission to Union Pacific and have such Union Pacific-approved design firm include a comment resolution form with submitted plans. In Union Pacific's experience, if Industry’s plans are not prepared or reviewed and confirmed by a design firm on the following list, then the plans will fail to comply with Union Pacific requirements, resulting in delays to the process and additional costs for all parties involved.

Track Material Vendor Requirements
If your track construction project includes connecting to Union Pacific-owned track, your rail contractor will provide a turnout with connecting rods, switch stand and any other required Class I track materials. These track materials should be purchased from a Union Pacific-approved vendor, Misc Dwg 6003. You will receive additional detail regarding this process and the necessary materials as part of the track design approval process.