Connecting Construction Sites to Rail

Union Pacific Construction Connection

Union Pacific has designed a transportation program to give construction contractors a more affordable way to ship materials to a job site. We have teamed up with our subsidiary, Loup Logistics, to extend your reach through rail — offering Union Pacific Construction Connection. Construction materials are shipped by rail and then transferred seamlessly to truck for final delivery to the project site.

Never shipped by rail? Don’t have direct rail access? We have solutions. Let us customize a full-visibility shipping package to meet the demands of your growing business.

Construction Products Shipping Expertise

We offer a dedicated team that will manage your project through the entire transportation cycle. Together, Union Pacific and Loup provide:


  • Extensive network of more than 400 off-loading and storage sites available for distributing metals products
  • One of the largest gondola and bulkhead flatcar fleets in the industry
  • Access to steel service centers and distributors in key destination markets
  • Ability to safely transport steel rebar, structural steel pipe, steel bars and steel beams


  • Network of more than 120 bulk offloading sites available for handling cement
  • Expertise to safely transport cement and other bulk commodities
  • Direct access to cement plants serving major metropolitan areas in the western U.S.
  • Extensive experience shipping prefabricated concrete structures including over-dimensional moves


  • Direct access to top aggregates producers serving the fastest growing markets in the western U.S.
  • Expertise in transporting crushed stone products used in commercial construction
  • Routes to U.S. population centers
  • Versatile fleet of open top rail equipment

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