Machinery and Dimensional Products

A dimensional load is defined as a load with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Width greater than 11' 0"
  • Height greater than 17' 0" above the top of the rail
  • Loads that overhang the ends of the rail car
  • Loads weighing more than 220,000 .lbs or requiring more than four axles

Resources for Shipping Dimensional Machinery


Read our Liability Policy to understand coverage that applies to the handling your high-value product.

Prices and Other Charges

Freight Charges
See our Price & Transit Time Inquiry to obtain prices. Call 1-800-877-0513 for shipments weighing more than 499,999 pounds.

Special Train Charges
Special Train charges apply to any excessive dimensional shipment. Customers will pay special train charges of $125/rail mile, with a minimum charge of 200 miles, or $25,000, in addition to regular freight charges.

Purchase of Special Train services is required when a load meets any one of the following (but not limited to):

  1. All loads 13' 2" or greater in actual width; 13' 0" on the Northern Region.

  2. Loads with speed restrictions due to weight (greater than 67,000 lbs. per axle) as determined by UP's Engineering department.

  3. Loads with a combined center of gravity 110" or greater ATR. Maximum allowed ATR is 114".

  4. All loaded Schnabel cars.

  5. Loads requiring movement in corridors against the flow of traffic in directional-running territory in order to clear the route.

  6. Loads which measure less than 4 1/2" ATR (UP will not handle loads less than 2 3/4" ATR).

  7. Any load or equipment with speed restriction less than 40 mph.

  8. Bolstered loads that exceeds 135' in length.

  9. Bolster and Overhang loads which have an effective width of 13' 0" or greater on a one degree curve.

  10. DSR can add special train.

See UP 6004 (Sections 5 and 6) on our Terms and Conditions page for additional details.

Rider Charges
Rider charges (use of an accompanying attendant on a movement) are $40 per 100 miles. See UP 6004 (Section 5) on our Terms and Conditions page for additional details.

Heavy Duty Flat Car, Heavy Duty Detention and Demurrage Charges
Shipping heavy duty cars carries additional terms and charges related to equipment use. These charges are in addition to applicable demurrage charges. See our Terms and Conditions page for details on demurrage.

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