Hazardous Waste Shipment Instructions

In order to streamline transactions on hazardous waste shipments, there are two options available to transmit movement instructions (bill of lading, equipment placement and equipment release communication) to Union Pacific.

Allowable Electronic Options for Movement Instructions

  • MyUPRR website (User ID and password required)
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Affected Commodities
All 480000 STCC's both rail car and container shipments. For containers on flatcars, load plan must also be sent with Bill of Lading.

Process for Hazardous Waste Manifests

To Initiate EDI Billing:

  • Customer faxes in their copy of the hazardous waste manifest to 1-800-365-4234. The customer should include a cover with call back information, name of contact, name of company, return fax number and address. Manifest can also be emailed to HWM@UP.COM (see email instructions below).
  • Hazardous Waste Manifest must be received by 15:00 CST Monday through Friday. The transporter box in which Union Pacific’s signature belongs must remain blank. If shipment is destined for Mexico, EPA "Acknowledgement of Consent" must be also faxed with manifest.
  • Union Pacific’s Senior Manager of Hazardous Material will electronically sign and date on behalf of Union Pacific. The signed manifest will be returned to you using the same method (i.e. fax or email) Union Pacific receives them by, unless notified otherwise.
  • Upon receipt of signed Hazardous Waste Manifest, generator sends EDI 404 (billing) either through their system or Union Pacific’s website. The billing will not be allowed to process until manifest is received by Union Pacific.

Note: Car number must be on manifest and legible.

Handling of Original Hazardous Waste Manifest:

  • Generator overnights original Hazardous Waste Manifest with all copies to:
    Union Pacific Railroad
    Senior Manager - Hazardous Material
    1400 Douglas Street
    Mail STOP 1450
    Omaha, NE 68179
  • Union Pacific’s Senior Manager will overnight the signed Hazardous Waste Manifest to disposal site, and if generator copy is attached will send back regular mail to generator.
  • Only the Union Pacific Senior Manager of Hazardous Material is allowed to sign on behalf of Union Pacific.
  • Waste Stream numbers (listed as WASTE CODES on manifest) that are located in box 13 on the waste manifest are now required when billing. We have three boxes for waste stream numbers-- any additional numbers will need to be put in the Additional Information box.
  • Generator of the manifest will need to indicate and fill out the appropriate transporters along with the EPA ID number. The Union Pacific EPA ID # is NED001792910.

Note: Union Pacific will not fill in the transporter boxes or EPA ID numbers. If the manifest is incomplete we will return the manifest to the generator to complete the manifest.

Contact Information:
NCSC Hazardous Materials Team

Manifest Email Instructions:  

We have updated our hazardous waste manifest process. Union Pacific now accepts documents via email at HWM@up.com, or you can continue submitting documents using the fax number of 1-800-365-4234. The signed manifest will be returned to you using the same method (i.e. email or fax) we receive them by, unless notified otherwise. If email is your preferred method for submissions, please use the following:

  • Email your submissions to HWM@up.com
  • On the subject line please list and separate the equipment IDs with a comma after HWM: HWM: equipmentID, equipmentID
  • Your manifest must be contained in a PDF and attached in the body of the email and comments can also be included. This will allow the application to display your comments to the Hazmat team as your manifest is being processed. Please enclose your detailed comments in quotes after the word Comments as follows: Comments: "your comments"