Ready for a Global Plastics Push? Dallas to Dock Gets You There

Dallas to Dock is your one-stop, plastics-shipping shop for bulk, form fill & seal, loading, drayage and transportation to global destinations. With Dallas to Dock you can:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Avoid capacity and driver shortage challenges
  • Improve transit time to Asia by an average of 19% vs. Gulf ports
  • Increase sales

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Are you looking to reduce your transportation costs and improve transit while avoiding hurdles like container availability and driver shortages? Dallas to Dock offers plastics shippers and receivers a solution that does just that.

The Impact of Demand on Your Supply Chain

As international demand increases for your plastics products, rapid production and export growth can cause intermittent congestion and capacity constraints at popular port locations. When other exporters compete for the same transportation resources, this demand can threaten your supply chain — and your growth.

How do you protect your piece of the pie? Plan for multiple export outlets.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Reach World Markets

The Dallas to Dock service offers the solution plastics shippers and receivers need to reach world markets and meet the growing demand overseas.

With Dallas to Dock:

  • Plastic pellets travel in hopper cars from the Gulf region to Dallas
  • In Dallas, the pellets are packaged and transferred into intermodal containers and trucked less than two miles to the Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal Terminal (DIT).
  • From the rail terminal, containers travel to ocean ports with available capacity via Union Pacific’s premium intermodal service, which provides expedited delivery to the ports for world markets, including Asia and South America.

How does Dallas to Dock benefit you?

  • Reduces Cost — The short trip from the packager to Union Pacific’s DIT minimizes dray costs.
  • Increases Capacity — Abundant container supply in Dallas with heavy haul capability provides access to capacity.
  • Faster Transit Times — Shipping through the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach to Asia reduces vessel transit time by an average of 23 days vs. East Coast Ports and 14 days vs. Gulf Ports.
  • One-Stop Shop — Bulk, form fill & seal, loading, drayage and transportation to global destinations are all bundled in a single solution.
  • Increased Sales — Seizing your piece of the export market increases sales and your bottom line.

With Dallas to Dock, plastics shippers and receivers can remove transportation road blocks, keep up with global demand and capture their share of the market.

Plastics Packaging Facility Supports Dallas to Dock Service

To support the Dallas to Dock service, in 2018, packaging industry leader Katoen Natie (KTN) constructed a state-of-the-art plastics packaging facility in Dallas in the Prime Pointe Industrial Park, a 3,000-acre, rail-served industrial park located in South Dallas County and served by Union Pacific. Less than a two-mile drive from the Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal Terminal (DIT), the KTN facility has 262,000 square feet of warehouse space and is currently in the process of doubling that space, with the ability to expand to 2.5 million square feet, all with rail access.

Together, KTN and Union Pacific DIT can offer more trucking, container, rail and warehouse capacity than any other location near or around the Gulf or East Coast ports. With premier proximity between Union Pacific’s intermodal terminal and the KTN facility, your plastic shipments are not impacted by driver shortages or road congestion. Union Pacific Dallas imports continue to grow year over year, offering more empty container capacity to load plastics to ship exports westbound to the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. KTN's ability to expand up to 10 times its current size offers more rail car and warehouse capacity than its competitors. This unique product offering is the best export option to reduce risks and transportation costs while reaching world markets.

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