Shipping Private Locomotives

The steps below show the process of shipping a private locomotive to ensure we meet your shipping needs.

Step 1: Request a Union Pacific User ID

In order to ship a private locomotive, customers must have a Union Pacific user ID. If you do not have a Union Pacific user ID, register now.

If you have additional questions, please contact the eBusiness team at 800-872-1045.

Step 2: Private Locomotive Requirements

To ensure timely arrival, it is important to establish the parameters of your shipment early on. Determine if the private locomotive meets the requirements outlined below.

Locomotive Movement Requirements:

  • Locomotive must be registered in UMLER and must have matching AEI tags for movement.
  • Locomotive must be compliant to move per FRA Standards (safety appliances, running gear, air brakes, etc.)
  • Locomotive must have roller bearings (sealed bearings).
  • Locomotive must have alignment control (self-aligning) couplers.
  • Locomotive must be moved with less than 250 gallons in the fuel tank.

Acceptable Alignment Control Couplers:
Couplers must have winged ears on shank at pin hole and must be mated with NC-390 or NC-391 type draft gears to reduce lateral forces, which can create wheel climb or rail rollover derailments.

Unacceptable Couplers:
Locomotives with unacceptable couplers may only move in special trains at added cost:

  • Stop blocks on sides of coupler pocket (either steel or rubber)
  • “Pushback” or “shearback” couplers

If the locomotive is not shipping on its own wheels, special train charges may apply. Please follow the shipping guidelines for machinery and dimensional products.

Step 3: Request a Price

Visit Union Pacific’s Price & Transit Inquiry System to determine your price or to request a quote. Prices are available by searching UPRR 4703 for private locomotives moving on their own wheels.

Step 4: Submit Billing Instructions

Mechanical inspections will be scheduled and completed by Union Pacific, once billing instructions are received. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for the inspection to be completed. If the inspection determines that the private locomotive does not meet shipping requirements, this could result in special train service and additional costs may apply.

If you need assistance submitting a waybill, please contact the eBusiness team at 800-872-1045.