International Customer Care & Support

International Customer Care & Support manages all cross border activities for all Mexican/US and Canadian/US gateways. All representatives are bilingual and can communicate in English or Spanish.

Customer Call CenterPhoneFax
Toll free in U.S. or Canada800-877-0531800-877-0533
Toll free from Mexico001-800-520-1771001-800-520-1772

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage daily call volumes
  • Proactive customer calls
  • Problem resolution
  • Diversion and reconsignment requests
  • New business desk/border industry desk
Southbound Process TeamEmail
Team Leader, Southbound

Responsibilities include:

  • Management of Despacho Previo and rail car clearing processes into Mexico
  • Collection and remittance process
  • Handle old cars not cleared into Mexico for resolution

Border Operation SupportPhoneEmail
Team Leader, Border Relations
Customer Call Center - From the
Customer Call Center - From

Responsibilities include:

  • Handle all processes with U.S., Mexican and Canadian customs needed to move cars to/from Mexico and Canada.
  • Work Automated Manifest System (AMS) process with U.S. customs and U.S. brokers.
  • Manage daily interchange activities with Mexican Railroads and CPRS railroad at Eastport, ID.