EMP and UMAX Container Specifications

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Union Pacific provides access to North America's largest fleets of rail-owned domestic containers. 

Inside Width 99 3/8"
Inside Height 109 1/2"
Overall Length 53'
Inside Length 52' 6 11/16"
Door Opening Height 109 1/2"
Door Opening Width 98"
Gross Weight Rating 67,200 lbs.
EMP Aluminum Tare Weight Average 10,200 lbs.
EMP and UMAX Steel Tare Weight 10,300 lbs.
Fork Lift Truck Rating (floor strength) 24,000 lbs.
Cubic Capacity (cubic feet) 3,970
Walls wood or steel
Floor wood

Please contact a Union Pacific Market Analyst at 402-544-3339 or 402-544-7131 with any EMP or UMAX specification questions.

Equipment Features


All door hinges are 4" wide. Door hardware is installed using anti-theft fasteners.

Center of rear doors is fitted with a mid-cam locking device for extra strength and anti-theft capability.