Laredo Intermodal Facility

12101 Jim Young Way, Laredo, TX 78045 

Detailed Facility Map

Terminal Capabilities

  • COFC
  • TOFC

Hours of Operation

Terminal Hours1000-14000800-22000800-22000800-22000800-22000800-22000800-1800
Flip Hoursn/a0800-17000800-17000800-17000800-17000800-1700n/a
Roadability Hours1000-14000800-22000800-22000800-22000800-22000800-22000800-1800

Schedule Information

Technology Available

  • AGS - This facility is equipped with an Automated Gate System (AGS).
  • UPGo App - This facility has dedicated lanes for UPGo App users.

Customer Care & Support

  • Intermodal Phone 800-877-5123