LATC - Lamar St., Los Angeles, CA

Intermodal Facilities Maps

Terminal Information

Location: 750 Lamar Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Terminal Capabilities: TOFC/COFC

Directions: From LAX airport- 405 north (San Diego Freeway) to 10 east (Santa Monica Freeway) to 5 north (Golden Sate Freeway). Exit at Main Street, turn right, then immediately right again on Main Street. Proceed west about six blocks, then turn left on Lamar Street which dead-ends into the entrance of LATC.

Fax: 323-276-3131 or 323-276-3104

Hours of Operation

Flip Hoursn/a0800-16000800-16000800-16000800-16000800-1600n/a
Roadability Hours0001-16000001-23590001-23590001-23590001-23590001-23590001-2359

National Customer Service Center

NCSC Contacts
Intermodal Phone800-877-5123
Intermodal Fax800-228-9615

Schedule Information