Santa Teresa, NM

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Terminal Information

Location: 9050 Strauss Road, Santa Teresa, NM 88008

Terminal Capabilities: TOFC/COFC

Directions: From I-10, take Texas Highway 178 (Artcraft Road) west. Continue on New Mexico Highway 136 (Pete V. Domenici Memorial Highway). Turn right at Strauss Road and continue on for six miles to the Santa Teresa Intermodal Ramp entrance.

Hours of Operation

Flip Hoursn/a0800-17000800-17000800-17000800-17000800-1700n/a
Roadability Hours1000-18000600-22000600-22000600-22000600-22000600-22001000-1800

This facility is equipped with an Automated Gate System (AGS).

National Customer Service Center

NCSC Contacts
Intermodal Phone 800-877-5123
Intermodal Fax 800-228-9615

Schedule Information