What is Intermodal

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What is Intermodal?
Intermodal shipping incorporates multiple modes of transportation to capitalize on the advantages of rail while recognizing the necessity of other shipping modes. Whether you're a shipper, motor carrier, ocean carrier or any other type of intermediary, we can help you with a transportation solution. We ship goods from apparel to electronics to refrigerated products and much more. We can haul your trailer, international container, or provide you with access to our expansive inventory of domestic containers. We ship across modes and borders, across the country and around the world.

With the nation's largest network, capacity and dedicated container fleet, UP Intermodal is able to offer its customers superior, on-time performance. We deliver truck-competitive transit time in more lanes than anyone else.

Delivering products safely and on time is expected. That's why we've developed a highly proactive approach through our Damage Prevention Services team and made large investments in our infrastructure and technology to ensure your products arrive on schedule and damage-free.

Easy to Use
Making changes to your shipping mix can be a difficult process at times. To prevent this issue, Union Pacific has a team solely dedicated to helping domestic and international shippers and intermediaries use UP Intermodal as quickly and easily as possible.

In almost all cases, rail provides a cost savings compared to long-distance truckload shipping. By including rail in your shipping mix with UP Intermodal, you can take advantage of the cost efficiencies of rail with a seamless door-to-door or ramp-to-ramp solution.

Union Pacific has a dedicated security staff to protect the shipments on our trains. Union Pacific focuses our attention to high-value freight, regularly inspecting "hot lots" where we store high-value products and keeps a close eye on the trains carrying these products.