AAR Open Top Loading or Closed Car Rule Updates

For Solicitations of Comments for Revision:
In accordance with the requirements of AAR Rule 123, comments are herein solicited and should be sent with any additional attachments to:

Manager-AAR Loading Rules and Damage Prevention
P.O. Box 11130
55500 DOT Road
Pueblo, CO 81001

Or send an email.

All comments received within 30 days from the date of the Circular Letter will be considered by the OTLR Committee prior to any action on the implementation of these changes.

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All AAR open top loading and closed car loading standards are available online for free download.

As a courtesy, we are providing the following information to inform our customers about new AAR rule changes. For more information regarding AAR rule updates, please contact Brent Lichty, Senior Engineer - Shipment Quality. 

Implementation of Revisions

March 2021

Circular Letter: C-13751: Solicitation of Comments for Revisions to Circular 42, General Rules Covering Loading of Carload Commodities in Closed Cars (DP&FC)

  • Section 3 - Wording updates for appropriate document and table references
  • Section 4 - Distribution of Weight Crosswise in Cars, Distribution of Lengthwise in Cars
  • Section 5 - Loading, Blocking and Bracing - Box Cars
  • Section 6 - Doorway Protection

The Damage Prevention Freight Claim Committee has recently approved the following closed car documents (DP&FC):

  • GIS 860: 50 in. Diameter Paper Rolls T-Loaded in 50 ft. Boxcars. (CCLG Part 2 (12/19): Section 6.6.1 & 6.6.7 (Revised); Section 6.6.10 (New): Pattern 8-50-50-32-1 (New))
  • GIS 859: 69 in. Diameter Rolls Loaded in 50 ft. Boxcars Secured with Anchored U-Straps. (CCLG Part 2 (12/19): Section 7.8.1 (Revised); Section 7.8.4 (New); Pattern 8-50-69-11-1 (New))
  • GIS 858: Bales of Wood Pulp in Boxcars. (CCLG Part 8, Section 6.5.1 (Revised); Section 6.5.5 (Revised) (Cancels GIS 814)