Shipment Quality Load Consulting Engineers

Shipment Quality engineers lead field managers, claims processing personnel and data analysis teams not only to review claim activity and damage rates, but to provide proactive solutions to enhance shipment quality capabilities.

Our four shipment quality engineers:

  • Are headquartered in Omaha to allow personal interface with key Marketing and Operations groups.
  • Work proactively with customers and marketing teams to determine optimal loading and securement for new and existing customers.
  • Develop and manage customer/product-specific Shipment Quality programs.


  • Automotive 

    Ben Hamilton

    Ford, GM and FCA

    Phone: 402-544-4622

  • Automotive

    Cherramiee Peterson


    Phone: 903-922-6104

  • Agricultural Products, Intermodal

    Jeff Poeppe

    Phone: 402-544-3592

    Fax: 402-501-0474

  • Industrial Products, Open Top Loads, Chemicals, Coal

    Brent Lichty

    Phone: 402-544-6531

    Fax: 402-997-4174