High-Value Protection Program


In the interest of theft deterrence, Union Pacific Railroad has developed a High-Value Protection Program. The program is designed to be used on containers with lading packaged for retail sale and valued at $100,000 or more. Loads using the High-Value Protection Program receive additional terminal and enroute surveillance.

Program Details

  • Shipment Quality has assigned five, low-volume STCCs (Standard Transportation Commodity Codes) for use with identification of high-value finished goods shipments.
  • Five STCCs segregated by general commodity groupings: computers, apparel, electronics, liquor / cigarettes and other.
  • Note: High-Value STCC program initiated to differentiate High-Value commodities billed as FAK(Freight of All Kind)and to provide surveillance of the High-Value commodity. Abuse and mis-use of the High-Value STCC program (all commodities billed with the same STCC) will dilute this program back to a point of non-differentiation.
  • Union Pacific Shipment Quality, Marketing and the Union Pacific Police Department will evaluate shipments and recommend to the waybill shipper to utilize the High-Value STCC Program and which STCC number to utilize.
  • The High-Value STCC Program drives placement in identified, high-visibility areas on origin and destination Union Pacific intermodal facilities.
  • The High-Value STCC Program drives Union Pacific Police Department inquiries for High Value STCC on respective regions for enroute surveillance.
  • Terminal and enroute surveillance operations provided by regional Union Pacific Police Department.

Theft-Deterrent Barrier Seals Required For High-Value Program

Theft-deterrent or barrier seals provide the highest level of protection from unauthorized entry into intermodal containers or trailers. These seals are designed to prevent entry into containers using ordinary seal removal techniques, such as bolt cutters. To enroll in the High-Value Protection Program that provides additional surveillance for containers valued at $100,000 or more, Union Pacific requires the use of a theft-deterrent or barrier seal (below). Please contact Union Pacific Shipment Quality prior to using the High-Value Protection Program.

Additional information on theft-deterrent seals can be found here.

For More Information

For more information on using the High-Value Protection Program, please contact the appropriate Load Consulting Engineer.

Please include Contact Phone, Waybill Shipper, Commodity Description, Commodity Value, Origin Points and Destination Points with your message.