Short Line Advisory Group

Union Pacific's Short Line Advisory Group (SLAG) was established in 1998 for the purpose of providing feedback to Union Pacific from the short line community on issues and opportunities between UP and its Class III connections. The Advisory Group membership includes the President of the ASLRRA plus 12 railroad members chosen by the short line community pursuant to these Bylaws and the procedures adopted by SLAG. In addition, the UP participants include representatives from Marketing and Sales (Network and Industrial Development), Rail Line Planning, Operating, Finance, and Car Management departments.

Short Line MembersCompany AffiliationTerm Expiration Year
Lon Van GemertProgressive Rail2020
Heather WatsonArkansas-Oklahoma Railroad2020
Mark WegnerTwin Cities and Western Railroad2020
Ginny WoodAlbany Eastern Railroad2020
Pat CedenoWatco Companies2021
Eric Jakubowski Anacostia Rail Holdings2021
David GeraciGenesee & Wyoming2021
George "Avery" GrimesPatriot Rail2021
Matthew CundiffIronhorse Resources2021
Michael HaegRio Grande Pacific Corporation2022
Chris WeesnerSalt Lake Garfield & Western Railway Co.2022
Sergio SabatiniOmniTrax2022
ASLRRA Member  
Chuck BakerASLRRA 


Organizational Bylaws

Union Pacific Short Line Advisory Group
Organizational Bylaws
Amended November 30, 2016

Article I Purpose:
Union Pacific Short Line Advisory Group ("SLAG") shall act as liaison between Union Pacific Railroad Company ("UP") and UP's connecting short line railroads, specifically addressing the short lines' and UP's issues and interests. It will also disseminate information concerning the results of all meetings between SLAG and UP to the short lines. SLAG Members will work with UP members to proactively influence the way UP views short line operations and requirements and to help bring about positive changes for the betterment of the short lines and UP operations, administration, and business activities.

Article II Organization
1. SLAG Members:
SLAG shall consist of twelve (12) short line members ("SLAG Member(s)") plus the President of the ASLRRA who shall serve as a SLAG Member during the time he or she occupies the office of President of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association ("ASLRRA"). Only one person representing a short line railroad owned or managed by a holding company may serve on SLAG at a given time. UP Members will serve as needed based on required departmental representation.

SLAG members will serve a three year term. Each year there will be four members completing their three year term and rotating off of SLAG.

2. SLAG Member Elections:
Prior to the last advisory group meeting during the calendar year, current SLAG Members shall solicit nominations from the UP short line community by a broadcast email notice to the UP short line community. Those nominated individuals must be employees or officers of a UP short line connecting railroad or its parent or holding company. The current SLAG Members will then vote on the nominees to elect additional short line members needed to maintain a total of twelve (12) members. The current SLAG Members will take into account such factors as geographic dispersion, affiliation with holding companies, and smaller company representation. The nominees will be elected by a simple majority of the votes cast by the current SLAG Members. Those members so nominated will serve as a SLAG Member for a three-year term.

The names of those individuals so elected will be posted on the UP website under the UP short line directory denoting company affiliation and term expiration year.
3. Resignations:
Any SLAG Member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Chairperson. A SLAG Member shall be removed from membership as a SLAG Member if he or she has more than two unexcused absences from SLAG meetings during his or her three-year term. A SLAG Member who wants to obtain an excused absence may do so by notifying either the Chairperson or the Secretary.

4. Vacancies:
SLAG Members will be responsible for filling any vacancies other than annual term limits by recruiting a person who is an employee of a railroad that is within the UP short line community or its parent or holding company. The newly selected SLAG Member will complete the remaining term for that vacant seat.

5. SLAG Officers:
SLAG officers, who will also serve as SLAG Members, will be the Chairperson and the Secretary. The SLAG officers will be chosen by the SLAG Members at the first SLAG meeting after an election with the concurrence of UP. The officers will continue to serve in their respective capacities until the end of their terms as SLAG Members, until replaced by the selection of a replacement by the other SLAG Members or their resignation from the office. In the event of a vacancy in an office, the SLAG Members shall elect a replacement to fill the unexpired term of the position by a simple majority vote.

Article III Officers' Duties:
1. SLAG Chairperson:
The SLAG Chairperson shall have the general duties of meeting facilitation, supervision and direction of the business and affairs including the nomination and election process of SLAG Members and officers. The Chairperson will prioritize, quantify, and qualify the ideas and concerns presented to SLAG by the short lines through their respective SLAG Members in preparation for meetings with UP including preparing the agenda and in a timely manner (at least two weeks prior to each quarterly SLAG meeting) dissemination of the meeting agenda to the SLAG and UP Members. The Chairperson will communicate to the UP Assistant Vice President - Network and Industrial Development or his or her designee between meetings as necessary. The Chairperson shall have the power to establish standing focus and study groups within the UP short line community and to request the inclusion of UP short line community members in response to the ideas and concerns of the short lines.

2. SLAG Secretary:
The SLAG Secretary shall perform all the duties of the Chairperson in the Chairperson's absence. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the SLAG meeting minutes for ASLRRA broadcasts to the short lines, distributing the minutes to the SLAG Members and UP and obtaining approval of them and then submitting them to the ASLRRA for distribution to the UP short line connections, capturing and sharing short lines' responses to requests for information from the Chairperson and/or from UP, and other duties as assigned by the SLAG Chairperson.

Article IV Meeting Schedule:
SLAG shall have a total of two (2) regularly scheduled meetings during the calendar year. SLAG may have any number of other meetings or conference calls as scheduled by the Chairperson and UP.

Article V Amendments to Bylaws:
Amendments and updates to the Organizational Bylaws will be made at the request of the Chairperson, UP or SLAG Members and will be incorporated by the SLAG Secretary into the Bylaws upon majority approval of the SLAG Members.