Operation RedBlock

Operation RedBlock Mark Off Numbers

Transportation 866-311-7255

Mechanical 800-262-4409 Option 8
or 877-788-3979

Engineering 866-828-4673

National Employee Assistance Helpline 1-800-779-1212 (available to help all employees and family members)

Operation RedBlock began as a joint labor-management effort in the late 1970s in response to increased substance use among railroad employees. A local UP labor representative suggested that these employees should have the opportunity for rehabilitation rather than dismissal.

Operation RedBlock remains as a labor-management partnership that uses employee peer groups to stop the acceptance and support of working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In exchange for employee efforts, management moves from a punitive approach to supportive and restorative aid for substance abusers.

This ongoing program is designed to educate, intervene and refer workers to appropriate support services to attain healthier, substance-free lifestyles in lieu of disciplinary action.

Operation RedBlock is company sponsored, Union and Management supported, and Employee owned.

The Operation RedBlock numbers listed are for employees to "Mark off" in the event they are impaired by alcohol or drugs, to protect their jobs and co-workers erring on the side of safety. The phone numbers can be dialed by a family member or a co-worker, however the impaired employee must verify their name, employee ID, and answer the operator's questions. The Mark off will remain confidential and will be followed up by a trained Operation RedBlock Peer Prevention Committee Member.