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Employees Helped in 2022 YTD: 490
Current Number of Employees Donating: 

Updated: April 2022

1,989 Employees helped in 2021

For Active and Retired Union Pacific Employees

Every day the Friend to Friend Network helps an average of five Railroad families in need.

Monthly Payroll Deduction
Donate through monthly payroll deduction or manage your current contribution

One-Time Payroll Deduction
Donate through a one-time payroll deduction

Online Applications for assistance can be submitted for any Union Pacific employee, retiree or family (spouse or child) who has suffered a medical-related emergency that required hospitalization or time off work, or a dwelling-related emergency following a fire, flood or other weather event that caused them to be out of their primary home.

Ambassadors: please also submit your name and email, so we can share other Ambassador resources in development

For any questions regarding applications, please contact a committee member.