Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car

The Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car is a brand new, multi-media walk-through exhibition that provides a glimpse at the past while telling the story of modern-day railroading. Through sound, images and interactive technology, rail fans will see how Union Pacific is building America in their communities and throughout the world.

After entering the converted baggage car, patrons will first learn about the investment, hard work and know-how that went into building the transcontinental railroad.

Moving forward along one wall they’ll learn about the evolution of the locomotive, beginning with the world famous UP No. 119 and leading to the modern-day diesel powerhouses. On the opposite wall, rail fans will trace how fresh apples are delivered from California and Washington to New York, and learn about every aspect of rail operations and innovation along the way.

Next, exciting interactive technology will show how Union Pacific is using lasers, cameras and other detection devices to accurately inspect moving rail cars and railroad track. Folks will be able to test their skills to see how they would measure up as rail car inspectors.

Before they leave, exhibition-goers will be able to show us how they connect to the railroad using high-tech thermal reactive tiles. A final display celebrates the history of our Passenger Heritage Fleet through vintage photos.

Please note that due to its historic nature, Union Pacific's Heritage Passenger Fleet equipment -- including the Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car -- is not ADA accessible.