1982-1985 UP-MP Merger Logos

The next 14 years Union Pacific engaged in intense merger activity. UP's merger with the Missouri Pacific Railroad in 1982 presented both challenges and opportunities: How to visually combine this historic merger and also portray the new benefits to customers.

The 1982 System Logotype

Just as it had when it expanded rail service in 1914, Union Pacific exchanged "System" for "Railroad" to promote its newly expanded service capabilities that now were combined with the Missouri Pacific. Note the Union Pacific and Missouri Pacific tagline appearing beneath the logotype.

The 1914 system shield lasted 18 years; this system logotype was used for only 24 months. It reverted to the "Railroad" logotype at the end of 1985. This change was brought about in part to end the bill of lading abbreviation confusion between shipments of Union Pacific System (UPS), and another UPS – United Parcel Services.

Temporary Missouri Pacific Logotype

This logotype was used during the transition between name changes. During the merger time period, some locomotives were even painted Armour Yellow with "Missouri Pacific" or "Western Pacific" on the hoods.

Western Pacific Engine    Missouri Pacific Engine