President Abraham Lincoln established Union Pacific Railroad in 1862 and set the wheels in motion to connect the nation. For the decades that followed, the railroad’s development paralleled that of the American experience. From settling the West, to the patriotism of World Wars, to the progression of technology — and, above all, the growth of communities whose stories are tied to our own — our past reminds us of the enormous responsibility we have for our nation's future.

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Commemorative Locomotives

Paying homage to its legacy railroads and to important American institutions, Union Pacific has created only 16 commemorative locomotives in its more than 150-year history.

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Medium Retina | Experience The Union Pacific car exterior

Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car

The Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car is a brand new, multi-media walk-through exhibition that provides a glimpse at the past while telling the story of modern-day railroading.

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Bringing the Big Boy Back to Life

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Trace the progress of Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads as they raced to complete the transcontinental railroad and discover the communities they created along the way.

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