Safety Inspection Fleet

EC-5 Geometry Car

Large Retina | EC-5 Geometry Car

The EC-5 Geometry Car’s optical gauge measuring system, consisting of lasers and cameras under the rail car, produces real-time track geometry images. The system evaluates track structure wear and tests for defects to help prevent derailments, maintain track health and increase track longevity. Union Pacific currently has two evaluation cars, featuring military-grade navigation, covering a combined 70,000-80,000 track miles per year – enough to cover Union Pacific’s mainlines at least twice a year.

Unmanned Geometry Box Car

Large Retina | Unmanned Geometry Box Car

Currently in pilot testing, the self-sufficient Unmanned Geometry Box Car tests track for geometry defects in regular train service, communicating in near-real time the type, severity and location of track defects to a data facility for verification and remediation.

Gauge Restraint Measurement System

Large Retina | Gauge Restraint Measurement System

The Gauge Restraint Measurement System (GRMS) Truck features a geometry measuring system and lateral gauge system, that work together to identify weak track. Wear, weakness and stability are tested by applying 9,000-10,000 pounds of lateral forces to the track, similar to the force of a locomotive. The operator verifies detected exceptions and immediately remediates.

Geometry Hy-Rail Truck

Large Retina | Vista Geometry Hy-Rail Truck

The Hy-Rail Truck takes static track geometry measurements and ensures the tracks are safe to operate on. Track inspectors exit the vehicle when potential defects are identified to take additional measurements and assess any concerns.

Machine Vision Track Inspection

Large Retina | Machine Vision Track Inspection Truck

Machine Vision uses under-car lasers and cameras to identify track ties needing replacement.

Clearance Car

Large Retina | Clearance Car Tunnel LaserThe Clearance Car’s high-accuracy, tunnel laser is used to identify potential issues, specifically studying tunnel, bridge and underpass train clearance.


Precision Measuring Vehicle

Large Retina | Precision Measuring Vehicle

The Precision Measuring Vehicle’s high-definition, 360-degree cameras record video of the track and locate track assets, such as turnouts, road crossings and signals with GPS coordinates.

Yard Test Vehicle

Large Retina | Yard Test Vehicle (YTV)

The YTV evaluates yard and industry track, running to and from customer facilities, with 28 ultrasonic sensors placing high frequency sound into the rail to locate and identify internal defects needing repair. It features a detachable unit, called the “walking stick,” for uninterrupted maintenance for short tracks, main line crossovers and repair rail certification.

Rail Test Truck

Large Retina | Rail Test Truck

The Rail Test Truck’s 48 ultrasonic transducers identify rail defects with high frequency sound, indicating the rail part needing maintenance. It features a detachable unit, called the “walking stick,” for uninterrupted maintenance for short tracks, main line crossovers and repair rail certification.


Large Retina | Snooper Hy-Rail Inspection Vehicle

The Snooper is a hy-rail inspection vehicle used to examine bridge structures for potential defects.