Drainage Modification Procedures

  1. If it is necessary to enter the railroad company's property to conduct a survey for the completion of required engineering plans and location information, the Permit To Be On Railroad Property for Utility Survey form must be printed, executed and returned following the instructions given in the permit.
  2. The Application and the appropriate Exhibit "A" document must be printed and completed in their entirety.
  3. Engineering plans must be completed in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Drainage and Waterway Encroachment Planning Guide & Construction Procedures and Drainage and Waterway Hydrology Study Guide. Failure to do so merely delays the review process. In addition, any application not conforming to railroad minimum standards will delay processing. If there is a valid reason why compliance with the railroad standards is not possible, these reasons must be clearly explained or the application will be rejected and returned to you for further explanation.
  4. If possible, please provide a City, County or topographical map of the area, showing the proposed installation.
  5. When using a street name on the application which has been changed, please include the current name as well as any previous name. Many of the old railroad company maps do not reflect these name changes.
  6. A non-refundable $1,055 application fee must accompany your application. Applicant will reimburse the railroad company for all expenses incurred for review of drainage applications. All expenses will be due and payable when billed.
  7. Applications should be submitted to the appropriate individual within the Real Estate Department. Select the representative for your region from the map of Pipeline, Wireline, Right of Entry and Drainage Contacts, and address the application to:

    [Name of Your Region Representative]
    Union Pacific Railroad Company
    1400 Douglas Street, Mail Stop 1690
    Omaha, Nebraska 68179

  8. Generally, agreement processing time will be approximately 3 to 6 months. Please allow sufficient lead time for document handling prior to desired construction date. Before construction begins, agreements must be executed by the licensee and contractor, if applicable, and returned to this office. Verbal authorizations will not be permitted or granted. Generally, a minimum of 48 hours advance notice after execution of an agreement will be required prior to entry.
  9. License fees and insurance certificates, if required, must be submitted at the time you execute and return the agreement. Because license fees are based on property values, we will only be able to provide you with fee information after your application has been reviewed and approved.
  10. Depending on the scope of the work and proximity to our tracks we may require that Railroad Protective Liability Insurance be obtained, in addition to general liability insurance. We have acquired a blanket Railroad Protective Liability Insurance policy which may allow inclusion of your project under our coverage for an additional charge. We've found that in many instances it may be cheaper for the contractor do this than to obtain their own coverage. However, we do encourage you to shop around, as you may find a more favorable rate. An application form and additional information on Railroad Protective Liability Insurance can be found in this section.
  11. Note: Only applications that are prepared on our standard application form identified as Exhibit "A." will be accepted
  12. Questions? Need Assistance? Check the map of Pipeline, Wireline, Right of Entry and Drainage Contacts for the names of those who can help