Identifying Railroad Mile Post Locations

Mile Post Markers

Mile post locations can be identified from a physical inspection of the property. Mile posts generally exist along every mile of the railroad. In many areas they are similar in appearance to the mile pole markers found along interstate highways (see Mile Markers for some examples). In other areas, where communication lines exist along the right of way, they appear as numbered tags affixed to the communication poles.

Mile Post Information in Map Form

Mile post information also may be obtained from copies of the railroad's maps. If you require a railroad right of way map, it may be obtained (a fee may be required) by contacting:

Engineering Map Room
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Phone: (402) 501-4941
Fax: (402) 501-4932

Other Identifying Information

It is not critical that mile post and subdivision information be provided, if you can provide other information sufficient to identify the exact location of your project. Examples include such data as county highway maps with the location marked, USGS topographical maps with the location marked, etc.