House Moves

Obtaining Assistance for House and Large Equipment Moves

Frequently it becomes necessary for individuals or companies to move houses, buildings or very large unwieldy equipment across UPRR tracks at locations along public roadways. In the movement over our tracks, these moves typically must be accomplished very slowly, and many times the railroad's warning devices and wire lines must be altered to accomplish this move. It is our desire to ensure that this movement is as safe as possible.

To assist you in making moves such as this, we need to take certain safety precautions and possibly temporarily relocate some of our facilities. The coordination of this type of move on behalf of the railroad company will be handled through our Response Management Communication Center. You may contact them at (888) 877-7267.

Possible Work Required by UP to Assist with House or Equipment Moves

Examples of the type of work we may be required to do to assist you in making this move are as follows:

  • Disruption of daily work assignments.
  • Vehicle expenses traveling to and from the desired location to determine required facility adjustments.
  • Issuance of appropriate instructions to train crews and maintenance crews.
  • Vehicle expense traveling to and from the desired location to perform necessary flagging of trains.
  • Employee time – traveling, flagging, effecting facility relocations and replacements.
  • Acquisition of temporary equipment or materials to maintain uninterrupted communications and signal systems.
  • Making temporary adjustments to facilities as required.
  • If temporary adjustments are required for a lengthy period of time, we may be required to make an additional trip to the site to replace the relocated facilities.

The House Move Agreement

Since performing this type of work for you will require considerable effort on our part, we will require that you enter into an agreement with us prior to moving your house over our tracks.  You will need to contact one of the railroad personnel mentioned above to obtain the actual agreement document.

As you can see, we try to work with you to make this move safe for you, your employees and equipment, as well as our own, and we may incur significant expenses to assist you in this move. We believe that it is only reasonable for you to bear our additional expenses in assisting you; expenses which we would not have incurred except for your request.