Oversize / Overweight Moves

Obtaining Assistance for Oversize / Overweight Moves Across the Railroad

Union Pacific Railroad's (“UP”) highest priority is the safety of our employees and the communities we serve. Frequently it becomes necessary for individuals or companies to move low clearance, high, wide, heavy, houses, buildings, structures, equipment or vehicle convoys across UP tracks at locations along public roadways where the roads intersect railroad tracks at public and private at-grade crossings. In the movement over railroad tracks, these moves typically must be accomplished very slowly, and many times the traffic control devices, signage, overhead wires and related equipment must be protected, temporarily relocated, or altered to accomplish this move. UP’s objective is to help facilitate these third-party activities so they can be accomplished without incident. To assist in making moves such as this, the individual or company must coordinate these moves with the UP and may need to take certain safety precautions and possibly temporarily protect and / or relocate railroad facilities.
The coordination of this type of move on behalf of the UP will be handled through our Response Management Communication Center (RMCC). Available 24/7 at (888) 877-7267.) 

The Oversize / Overweight Move Agreement

UP will require that you enter into an agreement prior to moving the Oversize / Overweight move across railroad tracks, since facilitating this type of work for you will require considerable effort on UP’s behalf. You will need to contact UP RMCC, as noted above, for UP to review the request and obtain the agreement.
UP’s highest priority is the safety of our employees and the communities we serve. UP’s objective is to cooperate with you to accomplish the move without incident; however, all expenses incurred to review and to assist you in this move will be your responsibility. Additionally, there will be the requirement to obtain insurance which will be outlined in the agreement.

Possible Work Required by Union Pacific to Assist with Oversize / Overweight Moves Across the Railroad

Examples of the type of work we may be required to do to assist you in making this move are as follows:

  • Disruption of daily work assignments.
  • Vehicle expenses traveling to and from the desired location to determine required facility adjustments.
  • Issuance of appropriate instructions to train crews and maintenance crews.
  • Vehicle expense traveling to and from the desired location to perform necessary flagging of trains.
  • Employee time – traveling, flagging, effecting facility relocations and replacements.
  • Acquisition of temporary equipment or materials to maintain uninterrupted communications and signal systems.
  • Making temporary adjustments to facilities as required.
  • If temporary adjustments are required for a lengthy period of time, there may be a requirement to make additional trips to the site to replace the relocated facilities.

NOTE: Community Event Requests

 Any community event desiring to cross the UP property must utilize a public, private, or pathway crossing and will be required to submit a request to UP for approval. Community events include, although are not limited to, the following events:
• Sporting events such as marathons and bicycle rides
• Motorcades including car or motorcycle parades
• County or state fairs, carnivals and farmers markets
• Parades, celebrations, concerts, rallies, marches or other large gatherings

The Community Event Notification Flyer can be found at the UP webpage here: https://www.up.com/aboutup/community/safety/community_event/index.htm
The coordination of Community Event Requests will be handled through our Response Management Communication Center (RMCC). Available 24/7 at (888) 877-7267.)