Property Leases

Subject to UPRR approval, a party in good standing may lease railroad property for an annual fee that is based upon the fair market value of the property or fair market rental value determined by the local market. UPRR has set minimal rental requirements, including a minimum annual rental fee of $5,000.00. UPRR, generally, will not lease any property within 25’ of a mainline track or 250’ of an active railroad crossing.

To be considered for a UPRR land lease, you must complete a Land Lease Application and provide a drawing depicting the location with dimensions of the area you seek to lease. For example, see the link for a Sample Print. The information on Identifying Railroad Mile Post Locations will assist in locating mile post markers, which are helpful in establishing the location of the proposed lease site.

Use the following link to submit a UPRR Land Lease Application. Once completed Submit to the appropriate Manager found under Contact lists.