Temporary Use of Railroad Property - Procedures

The permitting process for seismic and vibrosis survey requests, movie productions, and other projects involving temporary use of railroad property is as follows:

  1. A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $1045.00 must accompany your completed Online Application process for Right of Entry form. Please be aware that a licensee fee will be charged on top of the application fee. The manager will only be able to provide you with fee information after your application has been reviewed and approved.
  2. Please provide a site plan. Your plan should include the Railroad's right of way boundary lines and distance from the center line of the track in relationship to your work.. If you require a railroad right of way map to locate your right of way use location, such a map may be obtained (a fee may be required) from:                                                                                                    
    • Engineering Map Area
      Union Pacific Railroad Company
      Phone: (402) 501-4941
  3. When using a street name on the application, which has been changed, please include the current name as well as any previous name. Many of the old railroad company maps do not reflect these name changes.
  4. Please refer to the information on Fixed Object Identity for examples to assist you in locating "fixed objects."
  5. The information on Identifying Railroad Mile Post Locations will assist in locating mile post markers, which are helpful in establishing the location of the proposed site or installation.
  6. Incomplete applications will halt processing.
  7. The normal turn-around time for processing applications is now running between 30-45 days. Please allow sufficient time for the handling of your request. Please do not call within the initial 30 days of receipt of your request for the status of your application. Time in answering your phone calls only delays the processing of your request as well as all other requests from other applicants.
  8. Rush Handling: If you require rush handling of your application, please make that selection on the online application form. The application fee of $1045 plus the appropriate RUSH fee is required if a rush is requested. Please note that not all projects are eligible for Rush Handling.
  9. Before you enter the railroad company's right of way, the following must be completed:
    • All agreements must be executed by the applicant and the railroad company. A copy of the executed agreement must be within the applicant's possession before entering the railroad company's right of way.
    • Verbal Authorizations will not be permitted or granted. Generally, a minimum of 48 hours' advance notice after execution of an agreement will be required prior to entry.
    • License fees and insurance certificates, if required, must be submitted at the time you execute and return the agreement.
    • Clearance and approval from the railroad company's Fiber Optic Cable Hotline (800) 336-9193.
    • Arrangements must have been made with the railroad company's local manager of track maintenance, as listed in the agreement, for flagging protection (if required).
    • You will be required to obtain Railroad Protective Liability Insurance. This may be purchased from an insurance agent of your choice, or you may be eligible for inclusion in UPRR's Railroad Protective Liability Insurance program.
    • If a Contractor is employed by the Licensee to perform any of the agreed to activities under the Right of Entry Agreement, that Party will need to complete and return the Contractor's Endorsement Form and submit along with a $500 Administrative Fee and a copy of their General Liability Insurance certificate meeting the specified coverages as shown in the License Agreement. A Railroad Protective Liability Insurance policy must be in procured by the Licensee OR its Contractor.

  10. The terms of the railroad company's standard agreements are non-negotiable. Please do not attempt to make any changes to the agreement or request alteration to any of the terms and/or provisions to the agreement.
  11. The online application form can be found here Online Application process