Material Supplier Overview

What is UP SourceHub?

UP SourceHub is Union Pacific's procurement marketplace, connecting users, purchasers and suppliers. It streamlines the procurement process and ensures efficiency, accuracy and compliance for everyone involved. UP SourceHub is used primarily for procurement of Services, however some functionality will impact Materials procurement.

Outlined below is a list of processes conducted in UP SourceHub for materials suppliers:

  • Maintenance of company profile, user profiles, remittance/billing information, diverse status, W9, etc. by your company’s designated Profile Manager.
  • All bid invitations and bid submissions.
  • All contract negotiations, document redlines and contract signatures (eSignatures). Union Pacific no longer accepts paper/image signatures on contracts. All signatures are performed electronically in UP SourceHub utilizing an eSignature process.

Activities that are NOT performed in UP SourceHub:

  • Purchase Orders (if applicable) are provided electronically via EDI, ORISS or Fax
  • Invoices are submitted electronically via EDI, ORISS or Email (equipment leasing only)
  • All tasks performed in the “Activities” page in SRMT (excluding the “Purchasing Bid System” link)

The reSourceHub webpage provides a lot of helpful information on UP SourceHub. Much of it is specific to services procurement and does not apply to material suppliers. Outlined below are references to the content that is relevant to material suppliers. Please review these reference materials to learn more about using UP SourceHub for materials procurement.

Reference Material


See the Bids/Contracts section of reSourceHub.

Supplier Management

See the Supplier Management section of reSourceHub.

Purchase Orders and Invoicing

For PO and Invoicing processes that are not conducted in UP SourceHub, the following references are available:

Process Overview

Purchase Order Numbers

Purchaser Order Item Numbers

Ordering and Invoicing

Requesting Purchase Order Changes, Invoice Resolution (SRMT)