Invoice Preparation and Payment Processes

Union Pacific Railroad wants to work with you to ensure that the billing process works as smoothly as possible to our mutual benefit. Attention to detail when preparing invoices for Union Pacific will speed their flow through our Accounts Payable system. Key areas where your attention will benefit both our companies are noted below.

Information in these pages should in no way be construed as amending or modifying the terms of your agreement(s). Because specific terms and conditions contained in your agreement may vary from the information provided here, you are advised to review these terms and conditions to ensure your full understanding of them, and if questions remain, contact your Union Pacific Contract Administrator.

Except for a limited number of situations, it is the company's internal policy that all work and services provided by outside parties be covered by a formal, written contract.

It is the policy of the company to award contracts based on such considerations as competitive prices, quality of service, technical expertise and familiarity with our operations, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or veteran status.

The term "company" is used throughout to refer to the specific subsidiary with which you contracted.