eRailSafe Frequently Asked Questions

What is eRailSafe and why do I need to become eRailSafe certified?

eRailSafe provides the testing, background checks and badges for current employees and future applicants that is required by the railroad to meet the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requirements.

What is the specific policy that requires eRailSafe use?

Union Pacific and its contractors have a mutual interest in providing a safe workplace for the existing employees of both Parties and in maintaining the integrity and security of Union Pacific’s facilities. To help ensure this goal, Union Pacific has instituted a Controlled Access Policy. All persons seeking admission to Union Pacific property will apply (the “Applicants”) for admission to the property. The contractor and subcontractor, including its personnel and employees, must be in full compliance with the Controlled Access Policy within thirty (30) days of performing work on Railroad property. The contractor and subcontractor shall, at their sole cost and expense, conduct background investigations of Applicants prior to their admission to the property.

Railroad Contractors must register their company, and its personnel and/or employees performing work on Railroad property, with the eRailSafe program immediately and be in compliance within 30 days. The current risk assessment provider is, Inc., located at 2400 Herodian Way SE Suite 490, Smyrna, GA 30080, 800-560-6435.   

You must have your vendor number, as provided by Union Pacific, prior to calling eRailSafe.

What if I already ran a background check on my employees?

This particular background check is the one that the railroads require. This background check includes a national SSN trace that finds all addresses that a person has lived in the past 7 years. Then our court researchers physically go out to the superior county courthouses and retrieve the record information. This is then transmitted to us and we perform validation against the data to verify if it is legal to use for employment purposes. This is one of the most comprehensive searches in the industry for one of the lowest costs.

eRailSafe - Steps to Obtain Certification

UPRR Process

  1. Complete the Vendor Statement of Business and Legal Relationships (VSBL) form. Return completed form to your contract administrator.
  2. Once you receive your contract, you will need to call eRailSafe and provide the vendor ID number furnished on your contract cover letter (or set up an online account) to get set up in the eRailSafe system. Once your company has been enrolled in eRailSafe, your employees will need to take and pass the eRailSafe certification training and testing, along with provide a contractor employee photo, to get their eRailsafe ID cards issued. (Note: eRailSafe cards may take up to 2 weeks for delivery after you have taken the testing, training and you have provided your photo, so please enroll your employees promptly to ensure compliance with the UPRR Controlled Access Policy).
  3. Based on your particular contract, other training and certifications may apply.


eRailSafe Process

  1. Initiate contract with UPRR
  2. Receive vendor ID from UPRR
  3. Logon to eRailSafe website to create account
  4. Input employee information into eRailSafe website
  5. Have employee complete test on eRailSafe website
  6. Once test completed, background investigation will commence
  7. Once investigation complete and employee passes – badge will be issued

eRailSafe Fees

  • Enrollment Fee - $99 per company
  • Approved employee - $70 per employee
  • Denied employee - $70 per denied employee

Where do I find more information about the eRailSafe process?

See the eRailSafe site for additional questions and answers.

Who do I contact with further questions?

Contact eRailsafe directly at 800-560-6435 or for assistance with:
  • Setting up an eRailsafe account
  • Entering employees into eRailsafe
  • eRailsafe web site questions (password issues, navigating the web site or other website issues)
  • Issues with getting your employee an eRailsafe Card
  • Need a replacement eRailsafe Card
  • eRailsafe billing issues
Contact the UP eRailsafe team at 402-544-8722 or for assistance with:
  • Sub Contractor Vendor ID # issuance
  • eRailsafe program / policy questions
  • eRailsafe appeal questions
  • Exemption process questions
  • eRailsafe program guidance