Union Pacific Property Access Training (UP-PAT)

Safety is Union Pacific Railroad's #1 priority, which extends to all who come on Union Pacific Properties.

The Union Pacific Property Access Training Program (UP-PAT) provides Safety and Security training for Licensees and/or their Contractors needing access to Union Pacific Railroad Property to perform work, but are not contracted directly by Union Pacific Railroad to perform services through contractual agreement. Those that fall into this category are typically, but not exclusively, local state or federal entities, utilities or regulatory agencies or their contractors.

Eligible Licensees and/or their Contractors will be vetted by submitting a completed Vendor Information Form and a current copy of the Licensees and/or their Contractor recently executed License or “Right of Entry Agreement Permit” executed through Union Pacific Railroad.

Contractors who are performing services contracted by Union Pacific Railroad are not eligible for this program and should enroll in Union Pacific's eRailsafe Program.

Union Pacific Property Access Training and Union Pacific's eRailsafe are both administered by eRailsafe, a third party administrator.

Eligible Licensees and/or Contractors are required to submit the following information and documents before a Vendor ID Number can be assigned:

  1. The Audit Number listed on the Licensees recently executed license or right of entry agreement permitted through Union Pacific Railroad. This license grants temporary access to Union Pacific Property to perform work. 
  2. The Audit Number will need to be entered on the Vendor Information Form.
  3. A brief description of the work your company will be performing on Union Pacific Property and the location of the job.
  4. Completed Vendor Information Form.

The above information should be submitted to erailsafe@up.com

This program has a $25 set up fee (a one time fee per Licensees and/or their Contractor Company) and the cost of training is $7 per person which is the responsibility of the Licensees and/or their Contractors. Once the training has been completed the individual will be able to print a Certificate of Completion, good for 2 years, which they should have accessible while on Union Pacific properties.

Questions about an UP-PAT account and website: 800-560-6435 or support@e-railsafe.com.

Questions about Union Pacific's UP-PAT program eligibility or requirements: 402-544-8722 or erailsafe@up.com.