Union Pacific Commercial Telecom

A single-source solution to connect major markets west of the Mississippi

We currently operate over 32,000 miles of rights of way throughout the western two-thirds of the United States and are one of the largest railroads in North America. This system serves 23 states, linking every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port, and serving four major gateways to the east: Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans. Across that footprint, UP owns and operates one of the nation's largest private telecommunications networks, offering more than 10,000 structures for commercial telecom co-locations. For ultimate flexibility, "Build-to-Suit" options are also supported, offering unique access and truly custom solutions in major metro markets and many of the nation's busiest transportation corridors.

Project Safety

The Commercial Telecom Construction Coordinator (CC) is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for our customers to service their respective facilities. Every project is monitored to ensure that all work performed by non-railroad forces is accomplished in the safest manner possible. All individuals working on a fiber optic, wireless or other Commercial Telecom coordinated project on UP property must complete UP FO-PAT (Fiber Optic Property Access Training) and carry certification at all times.  

"Call Before You Dig!" Operations (CBUD)

The Commercial Telecom team has operated its own "Call Before You Dig!" operation as a means to further ensure that our rights of way are protected and secure for the placement and continued operation of our customers' facilities.  This operation allows Railroad personnel, and others who are applying for permits within the Railroad’s rights of way to contact the one-call center prior to digging, disrupting, or working on UPRR property and to provide ample time for our customers (fiber optic companies), to locate and protect their facilities.

For 24/7 support of all requests for fiber optic locates along UPRR rights of way: