Contacting Union Pacific

What do I do if I notice an unusual or suspicious activity on UP trains or property?

If you see an unusual occurrence on a Union Pacific train, such as an open loaded railcar, truck trailer or container; or notice vandalized track or signal equipment; or see suspicious individuals lurking on Union Pacific property, please call 1-888-UPRRCOP (877-7267) to report it. We appreciate your interest and vigilance.

I'd like to report a damaged, blocked or obscured grade crossing. Is there a number I can call?

To report grade crossing blockages or damage, please call 1-800-848-8715. 

How can I learn more about shipping by rail or request a price to ship something?

Visit our New to Rail page to learn more about where we ship, along with the option to request a price or contact one of our shipping experts.

I'm looking for a name/phone number/e-mail address for a department or employee. Where do I find it on this site?

U.S. mail may be addressed to the individual, using the following address:

c/o Union Pacific Railroad
1400 Douglas St.
Omaha NE, 68179

We do not publish addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for all Union Pacific employees on the website. Some departments list phone numbers or email addresses specifically for the employees within their group. These, if listed, may be found in the section relevant to that particular department, or through the UP Contact List.

Note: This is not a complete railroad employee or department listing, only a centralized access to those contacts which appear elsewhere on this site.

How can I get more information about and/or get in touch with the Community Ties Giving Program?

The Community Ties giving program is the philanthropic arm of Union Pacific. Union Pacific awards grants through an annual application process through which nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations located in Union Pacific communities may apply. You can find more information in the Community Ties Giving Program section, or contact the program administrator.

How do I supply materials, fuel or services to UP?

For information on how to become a Union Pacific supplier, see the Suppliers section.