Diversity & Inclusion at Union Pacific

“Strengthening Union Pacific’s diversity programs is a key focus and an ongoing process essential to growth and prosperity. Our most innovative solutions will be developed by teams of people who view challenges through different lenses and come together to create game-changing technologies paving the way to Union Pacific’s next 155 years."
– Lance Fritz, Chairman

Union Pacific’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is based on our desire to create an environment where people can be their best, personally and professionally. From an employee’s perspective, a diverse culture increases engagement, improves morale and supports safety. From a business perspective, diversity improves the company’s decision making, problem solving, and strategic thinking, which translates into a competitive advantage with bottom-line results.

D&I Vision

Reflecting America.

Our vision guides Union Pacific to exemplify the country we build every day. We cultivate the very diversity that enriches America, while empowering our differences to deliver industry leading results.

D&I Mission 

The employees of Union Pacific leverage their diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences to win in the marketplace. Our commitment to one another provides the grounds for innovation and sustainable growth.

D&I Strategy

 Build an innovative and industry-leading organization by fostering an inclusive culture allowing Union Pacific to attract, develop and retain a talented diverse workforce.