Environmental Operations Contacts

Our team oversees environmental compliance across the railroad.  Contact team members at environmental@up.com

Contact our Public Affairs team regarding trespasser issues, illegal dumping, right of way concerns, and vegetation management.



  • Illinois, Wisconsin

    Ron Coupet

    Phone: 708-201-2243

  • Iowa, eastern Nebraska, northern Kansas, northern Missouri, Minnesota

    Amy Simonds

    Phone: 712-329-5105

  • Colorado, eastern Wyoming, western Kansas, western Nebraska

    Jeff Knapton

    Phone: 307-778-3246

  • Utah, eastern Nevada, eastern Idaho, Montana, western Wyoming

    Scott Wheeler

    Phone: 801-212-5234

  • Oregon, Washington, western Idaho

    Rachael Fisher

    Phone: 503-249-3042

  • Northern California from Bay Area and Stockton north, western Nevada

    Brittani Jacobsen

    Phone: 916-789-6104


  • Southern California (Riverside, Imperial, San Bernardino, and Kern Counties)

    Michael Villa-Real

    Phone: 562-490-7045

  • Arizona, southern California, eastern Nevada, western Texas

    Rick Comer

    Phone: 602-322-2602

  • western Texas

    Jared Boysen

    Phone: 210-200-3520

  • Louisiana, eastern Texas

    Tom Cappucci

    Phone: 713-577-0616

  • Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, southern Missouri, southern Kansas

    Cassidy Meis

    Phone: 501-373-2332