Environmental Operations Contacts

Our team oversees environmental compliance across the railroad.  Contact team members at environmental@up.com.



  • Nebraska, Colorado except Grand Junction , Eastern Wyoming

    Scott Selken

    Phone: 308-535-4456

  • Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin

    Ron Coupet

    Phone: 708-201-2243

  • Minnesota, Northern Iowa, Northern Wisconsin

    Tom Cappucci

    Phone: (651)-552-3940

  • Southern Iowa, Missouri, Northern Kansas

    Corey Johnson

    Phone: 816-399-1697


  • Southern Kansas, Oklahoma, Northern Texas

    Jennifer Clark

    Phone: 817-353-7218

  • Southern Texas, New Mexico

    Devon Wilmington

    Phone: 281-350-7419

  • Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, extreme Eastern Texas

    Kris Kelley

    Phone: 501-373-2332


  • Utah, Eastern & Southern Nevada, Western Wyoming, Grand Junction Colorado

    Brian Beazer

    Phone: 801-212-2752

  • LA Basin

    Ryan Schaefer

    Phone: 562-490-7013

  • Arizona, Southern California excluding LA Basin

    Kristen Stevens

    Phone: 562-756-0076

  • Northern California from Roseville East to Carlin Nevada

    Mike Fallon

    Phone: 916-789-5184

  • Central & Northern California except Roseville east and Dunsmuir

    Cameron McGovern

    Phone: 510-268-3028

  • Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, extreme Northern California

    Bryan Robinson

    Phone: 541-341-5528