Frequently Asked Questions

What type of claims should be submitted to the Property Damage Claims group?

Claims where an individual and/or company alleges that UPRR is responsible for damage to their personal or company property. These claims would not include such claims as shipment lading, demurrage or the like.

What can I expect when calling the Property Damage group?

You can expect to discuss the facts of your claim with a Property Damage Claims Representative. They will inform you of what documentation you'll need to provide when submitting your claim for consideration. Typical supporting documentation requested is a completed Union Pacific Property Damage claim form, photographs of the damage, photographs of the area where the damage occurred, repair estimates, receipts for completed repairs, and other supporting documentation.

What do I do if my claim is not found in the Web System?

If your claim is not found in our system, please call (877) 877-2567, Option #1, to check the status of your claim.