Automobile Racks

Commodities: automobiles, trucks, suvs, vans, tractors, tractor trailers

Equipment for Transporting Vehicles

Type of Rail EquipmentPrimary Use
(type of vehicle)
Load Factor
AutoMaxTrucks, SUVs, Mini-vans, Automobiles18 - 26
Bi-LevelTrucks, SUVs, Mini-vans8 - 10
Tri-LevelAutomobiles14 - 15
Uni-LevelLarge Vehicles, Vans, Tractor Trailers2 - 4

Car Varieties

There are four types of automobile rack cars: AutoMax, Bi-Level, Tri-Level and Uni-Level. The majority of auto rack cars are now fully enclosed. This substantially reduces damage from theft, vandalism and the elements.

Adjustable deck height allows for bi-level or tri-level configurations. Accommodates high vehicle load factors, including autos, trucks, vans and mini-vans.

Accommodates two decks of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs and mini-vans.

Accommodates three decks of standard automobiles.

One deck allows for single loading of finished vehicles such as truck tractors, farm implements, recreational vehicles, buses and double-decker buses.

Loading and Unloading

Contact our Shipment Quality Engineers for planning assistance with loading or unloading.