Frequently Asked Questions

How much lead time is required to order and supply my cars on time?

Union Pacific's car order system requires orders to be placed at least 10 days in advance of the want date of the cars. You may place a car order up to 60 days in advance.

How do I change my car order?

Click on the Edit button at the bottom of your order and this opens a new window inside the order for editing. Customers may increase future orders as long as they give 10 days lead time.

How do I cancel or reduce my order?

Click on the Cancel/Reduce button at the bottom of your order and a new window will open that will ask you to cancel or reduce your order. You can only do this after you have selected a Reason Code from the drop down menu. If the system does not allow you to cancel your order, cars have already been applied.

How will I see what specific cars are applied to my order and where they are located?

Inside the car order, you will see individual car numbers that are applied to your order. When you click on the car number, it displays the trace on the car.

What if there are no cars applied to my order?

If no cars have been applied to your order, please open a case in Case Management (user ID and password required). If you have problems submitting a Service Issue, please call 800-272-8777.

If I reject a car will it be replaced?

Each circumstance is unique, therefore, please call customer service or open a case in Case Management (user ID and password required).

Why was my order reduced?

Union Pacific's car order system adjusts car orders that cannot be filled by the want date. If cars are ordered but cannot be supplied within the week ordered, the car order is reduced to the number of cars applied. If you ordered five cars and TCM applied three, but was unable to fill the order, it will change to ordered three and applied three.

Will I be charged for canceling cars that are applied to my order?

See tariff UP 6004 for current charges.

What if the type of car I want doesn't fit any product definitions, or I have special requirements, such as double doors or other specialty equipment?

There is some ability to request specific attributes, such as door and floors on boxcars or weight capacity on flatcars. You need to speak with your Marketing and Sales representative.

How do I get a new product added to my profile?

You will need to talk to your Marketing and Sales representative to authorize available car products.

How do I order cars for another customer?

Please review our Third-Party Access policy.

What are the “Product Definitions” for the different car types?

We have detailed information under Rail Equipment Descriptions.