Building or Expanding a Rail-Served Facility

The following is provided to guide you through the planning and construction process of developing or expanding a rail-served facility. If you have questions concerning these procedures or require further assistance with your project planning, please contact Union Pacific’s Economic & Industrial Development Team.

Getting Started

A project officially begins when you submit an AccessUP Questionnaire. This provides Union Pacific the information necessary to evaluate your project and prepare for mutual success. If you have not already done so, you will need to select a qualified rail engineering consultant to prepare engineered drawings for Union Pacific’s review.

Step 1: Finding a Location

To begin, you will be contacted by an Economic & Industrial Development expert (your Union Pacific Project Manager). Together you will evaluate the project and establish an on-site meeting plan. It is important that your rail engineering consultant be available to participate during this on-site discussion as they will then submit a development concept for Union Pacific’s inter-departmental review.

Following the review, you will receive a written summary with project specific feedback, including a list of design and infrastructure requirements based on the scope and magnitude of your project. You will also receive instructions for securing a Letter Agreement with fee for engineering work. Once the Letter Agreement is in place, a Union Pacific Engineering Contractor will be assigned to your project.

Please Note: Engineering fees can typically range between $18,000 to more than $170,000. These fees may cover track design plan reviews, field reviews/inspections and signal design deposit. Depending on project type and location, higher fees may be assessed.

Step 2: Engineering Design

At this time the major engineering work for your rail project begins. Your Project Manager will work with you and your design consultant to prepare detailed drawings of the track layout. Each set of drawings will be submitted via Union Pacific’s Engineering Document Portal.

During this design phase, you will receive a draft version Track Agreement with information on how to prepare for full execution. Additionally, your Marketing and Sales representative will address any concerns surrounding service, rates, billing and/or equipment.

Following acceptance of your final construction drawings, your consultant will prepare an Exhibit A drawing to be included in your Track Agreement and you will receive a final version for execution. If your project requires Union Pacific to perform work, you also will receive information for your rail contractor to secure necessary track materials.

Step 3: Construction

Upon execution of your Track Agreement, you are ready to begin track construction. If your project requires Union Pacific to perform work, we will coordinate schedules for the labor and materials at this time. Your Union Pacific Engineering Contractor will become your primary point of contact for project management, and track inspection(s), a requirement to place the track "in service." Your Marketing and Sales representative will address any final actions necessary to initiate rail service.