Mexico Energy Reform

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Helping You Capitalize on Mexico Energy Reform Opportunities

For the first time in more than 80 years, the Mexico energy market is open to private competition. Now, U.S. producers of refined petroleum products like diesel, gasoline and liquid petroleum products (LPGs) have the opportunity to expand their markets south of the border. If you’re ready to capitalize on these opportunities, Union Pacific has the expertise, access and experience to help.

Mexico Energy Reform Terminals

Access to the Mexico Energy Market

When it comes to new opportunities, Union Pacific’s franchise is unrivaled in its direct access to the entire Mexico energy market:

  • We continue to work with refineries and terminals, serving more than 85 percent of the Gulf refining capacity.
  • Union Pacific is the only Class I railroad with access to all six major Mexico gateways, connecting with both FXE and KCSM.

When you need access to the Mexico energy market, our rail network provides the service you need to get there. 

A Team of Experts to Support Your Success

Union Pacific has been helping companies develop and execute Mexico energy business opportunities from the very beginning. Our experienced team has been moving LPG into Mexico since 2015 when private companies were first allowed to import into Mexico. We were also the first railroad to deliver gasoline and diesel fuel into Mexico by rail.

Having handled over 9 million rail cars into Mexico over the past decade, our team of experts is ready to help you take advantage of business opportunities in Mexico.

  • The Mexico Marketing & Sales team helps you identify market opportunities in Mexico.
  • Our bilingual International Customer Care and Support Center (ICCSC) manages all cross border activities in and out of Mexico to keep shipments moving.
  • Your Union Pacific representative is your personal point of contact, serving as your link to the expertise and resources needed to break into new markets and ship your product to Mexico.

When you’re ready to access the Mexico energy market, Union Pacific’s team of experts is here to support your success. 

Contact Us to Get Started

For more information on how you can leverage Union Pacific’s resources to take advantage of new business opportunities in Mexico, contact the Union Pacific Mexico Energy Reform team:

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